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Decorating Kids’ Bathrooms: Tips & Recommendations

Decorating Kids’ Bathrooms. Daily grooming routines can help kids learn how to live together and how to be punctual. Making sure they have a suitable space makes these kids more comfortable, and makes personal hygiene routines more fun and easier to get used to. But, how can we make bathroom spaces into places where our kids feel at ease?

But, how can we make bathroom spaces into places where our kids feel at ease?

The first step is thinking about colors, and, in particular, vibrant ones like green, orange, red, blue, yellow, fuchsia, and others. Depending on your child’s particular tastes, vintage style is also an option to consider. Always keep your little ones in mind when designing, but vintage is trend that never goes out of style: think of pastels or light blues, with a few classic details on the bathtub, floors, sinks, faucets and accessories. Pink for girls and blue for boys? Those days are over! Nowadays, you can be endlessly creative, with a huge variety of colors and trends.

Keep in mind that  kids’ Bathrooms should be made to suit the needs of children, and the sink, toilet, tub and shelves or furniture should be at their height, arranged in a way that’s both safe and comfortable.

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The second step in decorating kids’ bathrooms is to consider your theme. You might choose to rely on a tried-and-tested theme, such as a favorite cartoon character, animal, or action hero, or a hobby- or sports-themed pattern, according to the tastes of your little ones. Once you’ve defined your theme, decorating the bathroom area will be much easier, and you’ll be able to provide the perfect space – somewhere that’s just for them, and where they’ll always feel comfortable and connected.

Some homes simply don’t have the extra space to create a bathroom exclusively for the kids. In this case, it’s possible to adapt the family bathroom so that the little ones feel part of it. To achieve this, add small accessories to make the space kid-friendly. For example, a portable bathtub is ideal for babies, and a decorated anti-slip mat can be added to the grown-up tub when your child is a little bit older. Letting children play for a few minutes in the bathtub turns personal grooming routines into fun activities.

Add small, portable steps to allow your child access to all those places that are out of reach when you’re small, such as the washbasin. Using mini-stairs, the activity of washing hands or brushing teeth doesn’t have to lead to water spraying everywhere and your child getting wet. Plus, the stairs can be made or painted in a color or theme that your little ones love.

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A wall hook at your child’s height is a great idea, allowing your child to reach his or her towel easily, which is a step towards independence. Kids’ towels should also be tailored to fit the size of their bodies. Likewise, adding a basket or a drawer for your child’s toiletries at his or her height can help turn the space into somewhere familiar for everyone, where each family member can find what they need in the kids’ Bathrooms

As for the toilet, you can add a potty – correctly sized, and in a style that is to your child’s liking – with a color, pattern or subject that he or she loves. These small touches will get your child accustomed to going to the bathroom by him- or herself. If the space in the bathroom doesn’t allow for an extra potty, you can easily purchase a removable child’s toilet seat, while should also be chosen to suit your little one.

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