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5 Ideas for Decorating Girls’ Bedrooms

Decorating girls’ bedrooms is a big responsibility for parents and professionals in the design field. Over time, the girls will grow and have the ability to express what they like and how they want things decorated, but when girls are very young, it’s up to parents to make the decisions about decoration.

It’s important to understand that the decoration of girls’ bedrooms has a huge influence on their formation as people, not so much because of the gender issue, but because for all children, in all stages of childhood, environmental factors are key to growth and development. The following ideas can help you as you begin the decorating process:

Decorating Girls’ Bedrooms

Age: Keep in mind that it’s not the same to decorate a newborn baby’s room as it is to decorate a bedroom for a tween or early teen. The tastes and needs of the two are completely different. For example, for babies the top priority is to provide an environment that feels safe. For an older child, the element of personalization becomes much more important.

More ideas for little boys decoration in:   and little girls: 

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Decorating Girls’ Bedrooms

Spaces: Size, location, shape, spaces and natural lighting are all factors to take into consideration when thinking about decoration. Decorating a small room requires a different approach than decorating a large one. There may be a temptation to fill a small room with stuff, but this can also create a suffocating environment. Decoration should be planned according to the size of the space, so that the little one has everything she needs, without the space feeling too crowded.

This is an example of how to decorate a girl’s bedroom. The image was taken from and all rights belong to them.

Style: These days, there is a huge variety of decorative possibilities that can be used to help your little girl feel comfortable and connected. Some examples are: romantic, vintage, springtime, animals, fantasy characters, minimalism, fairy tales, fairies, princesses, and others.

Decorating Girls’ Bedrooms

Furniture: It’s always important to think about offering your kids the best. Good quality furniture is always more durable. If you’re an ecologically-minded person, chipboard furniture might be a good choice. Making environmentally-friendly choices for your kids’ bedrooms is a small but important step to saving the natural world. MDF boards (medium-density fibers) are very good quality and can come in various colors and melamine veneers, which adds an aesthetic touch and protects against moisture. These pieces can also weigh a little more, making them safer for girls, since they’re hard to move and accidents are less likely. The materials mentioned above are also economical, meaning that when the time comes to change up the furniture, you won’t have a problem.

The furniture in your daughter’s room can be of different colors and designs, according to the style that has been chosen. Keep in mind that cupboards, shelves, changing tables, small tables and others are an important part of a room’s decoration.

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Decorating Girls’ Bedrooms

Accessories: Having clearly chosen your style, you can then decide on the furniture, the colors of the room, the curtain design, the bed covers, cushions, stickers, children’s wall decals, extra ornaments, etc. This type of decoration is easy to update, since the costs aren’t high and there are plenty of excellent companies offering a variety of motifs.

In the case of rooms that are shared between two girls of different ages, you can opt for a balanced style of decoration that caters to both kids. If it’s a baby and a teenager, for example, you can use neutral colors, allowing the older girl to decorate, accessorize and personalize her half of the space.

You can also enlist the help of a professional who can help you develop a personalized space where the styles of both children can live side-by-side without affecting each other. We recommend visiting the kids’ design store KiKi Design and Decoration, where experts are ready to offer first-rate ideas and answers to questions just like this.

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