New YouTube Channels Your Kids Should Watch

New YouTube Channels for kids

Children’s access to the Internet is becoming increasingly early and it is important that we have resources so that they can have fun and learn in a safe environment. The network has facilitated access to all kinds of content and our mission as parents is to ensure that they move in environments that are appropriate for their age.

For this reason, the Parents portal @ChildrensSpaces want to recommend a good handful of YouTube channels focused on boys and girls: educational, to have fun, to sing… In short, to have a great time in front of the screen! And, of course, with the peace of mind of knowing that these are 100% children’s channels and with content adapted to their age. Most of the content we want to show you, are new and family made channels where the parents help their children in their dreams of being Youtubers.

Children’s YouTube channels

● David and Adele:

This channel is about little charming kids, brother David and sister Adele. The children got inspired by other vloggers on YouTube and one day they said to their parents that they wanna be on TV too!!!
The father took the camera and the kids started playing and creating the show. In this channel we want to show how little babies seeing this world and reacting to new experiments with toys, learning with fun, passion, and love.

● Lolo Coloring Pages:

This is a new channel where the kids will have different activities, rhymes and animated educational videos. Your son or daughter will have a great time with the fun characters in each video!

● Babies Laughter Club

Cartoons star in this channel full of songs, rhythm and fun. Each chapter is focused on a theme and has its own moral, promoting the education in values of the smallest of the house.

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