Scratch Painting Rainbow Sketch DIY

Amazon Scratch painting

Scratch Art is a drawing technique used to create easy drawings. Using scratch tools like scratch brushes, scratch knives, or a special stylus,  you can create value drawings by scratching off the dark colored ink and revealing the colors beneath.

Scratch Painting in AMAZON

You can find great scratchboards in AMAZON with beautiful and unique sceneries behind their black-coated surface. Simply scratch the grey lines with our scratch pen and wooden pen and be amazed at how quickly the lines will turn into vivid colors. The beautiful and colorful painting will be revealed before your eyes.


Amazon Scratch painting

Once you finish your DIY artwork our scratch paintings can also be framed, making great home decor or a great gift for family and friends. It can also be a great birthday present, Valentine’s day, wedding anniversary, or any other celebration.


Enjoy this relaxing art therapy and leave your stress behind!


It can also be a funny and creative activity/toy for kids, as they can discover their artist’s skills. It can also be a good activity for intelligence development, prewriting skills, drawing skills and visual-motor skills.

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