“Mamas and Babies” a great alternative for childcare shopping.

Ecommerce for Moms and babies

Millennial parents search on the Internet on how to raise their children. They also buy online all the products their newborn needs.


They are couples between 30 and 40 who have just had their first child. They are digital natives, the Internet and mobile are indispensable for work and usually, they have little free time. With them, the eCommerce of baby products grows to the point that it already represents the third best-selling consumer category.

A new childcare eCommerce

We know the leading players and brands in eCommerce, but how about that small eCommerce with very good prices and shipping worldwide?


This time we will talk about one webpage that we find very interesting, the name is MamasAndBabies www.shop4momsandbabys.com 


This new generation of parents has also been noticed in shopping habits. When eCommerce started their activity, most purchases were made from the computer. But as MamasAndBabies started last year, traffic from mobile devices has taken the lead, which has forced changes in the online store to adapt it to smartphones and tablets.



All items in the MamasAndBabies collections have been tested by team members and are directly shipped from the manufacturer. As parents we know babies are delicate, and we must be careful with the products we use with them. MamasAndBabies is especially precautious with the suppliers they join with.

  At MamasAndBabies, suppliers are contracted from all over the world. They sourced them from a well-known company that has high-quality standards. It is dangerous when buying childcare products with a no-name brand or no quality standards. It’s similar to purchase street food, and you do so at your own risk. They wanted to make sure that all their products have a high standard. That standard is simple, would we use that item on our own child and on ourselves A simple idea with an amazing impression.



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