Tips for Painting Children’s Rooms

Tips for Painting Children’s Rooms

When you’re painting children’s rooms, you can let your imagination and creativity soar. The goal of this type of decoration is to make sure that the space where your children spend most of their time is vibrant and magical.

Letting the kids help with this job is a great idea. This way, they can play a part in the renovation of their space. Not only will they discover a variety of colors, shapes, strokes and textures, they’ll also learn how to externalize feelings through the act of painting, which stimulates communication skills, creativity, imagination, sensitivity, concentration and motor skills. Doing this job as a family strengthens family ties and helps you create a stronger bond.

Como pintar una habitación de niñas

Children learn more, and more quickly, when parents perform activities alongside them, making painting a perfect opportunity to strengthen their capabilities.

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There are many possible themes to choose from when painting kids’ rooms, including landscapes, animals, cartoon characters, geometric figures, action heroes, fairies, etc. Themes that are in fashion right now include mountains, clouds, bunnies and cacti; but you might also choose to use the latest style trends like vintage, contemporary, modern, Scandinavian (hygge), or others.

Keep in mind that specific colors can influence children’s development, so knowing their meaning is important for making the proper choice.

Blue: Conveys depth and stability. It has a relaxing effect, diminishing fear and tension.

Green: This is the color of life and nature. It provides security, increases confidence and helps reduce stress.

Yellow: The color of sun and light. Try not to use a very intense yellow, especially for babies.

White: Innocence, virtue, purity, goodness and peace. It generates an atmosphere of serenity and harmony.

Purple: Conveys wisdom and spirituality. It also promotes creativity and dreaming.

Brown: Connected with nature, conveys a sense of security and balance.

Orange: Creates a warm environment that’s full of energy. It also stimulates the mind and reduces irritability.

Red: This is the color of love. It builds interest and enthusiasm, and gets kids excited about being active.

Pink: This is the color of innocence, security and health. It promotes dreaming and fantasy, and helps to create a relaxing environment.

To start painting, choose a background color from the list above, then combine it with a theme that your child (or children) love. You’ll be on your way to creating a perfect environment for your little ones!

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