Ideas for decorating a Kindergarten Classroom

Ideas for decorating a Kindergarten Classroom

Each year when December or July rolls around, teachers around the world start looking at their school calendars, planning their schedules,  decorating a kindergarten classroom and gathering classroom decorations and supplies.

Making changes to classroom design is not always an easy process for teachers or directors, so today we’re sharing a few images of creatively designed spaces that we’ve been admiring recently.

Divide Your Classroom

If space and school regulations allow, its a good idea to divide your classroom into study and play, or active and quiet areas. When planning your space in this way, keep in mind that colors are an excellent way to visually separate the areas:

-Bold colors like red can be used in the active, recreational or playing areas.

-More basic, lighter colors – even pastels – can be used in study or quiet areas, like reading zones or learning spaces. You can break up these plain colors by strategically placing brightly-colored desks or other pieces of furniture, turning the classroom into an exciting and inviting area for students.

Gardens and Nature

Promoting an interest in nature from a young age is a key issue for teachers in many different institutions. Gardens, playgrounds, and recess areas should also be divided into sections, and should have a cleaning zone through which the children pass before returning into the classroom.



No matter what area you are designing, safety will always be the most important aspect to consider, especially in a kindergarten where many children are playing at the same time. Low or sharp edges are unsuitable here; curves and round edges are a must when designing furniture for children.

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