Three key ideas to have a modern room for your kids

Three key ideas to have a modern room for your kids

The process of designing, making and/or decorating a room is not an easy task. Here you have 3 Ideas to Have a Modern Room for your Kids.  This very process with kids’ rooms is even harder!  You have to be sure that the idea not only likes you but them. Buying your child’s bedroom gives you a huge satisfaction,  just wait and see their reaction to their new room, but it can also be a bit of a challenge thanks to the wide diversity of colors, themes and furniture currently available in the market.

As you will see in future articles, we have a modern/contemporary soul, so its a little bit more challenging  than the regular project. Take a peek at our modern bedroom designs to learn more about the 3 key points in decorating a child’s bedroom. Check them out and use them to create a modern dream that will inspire your kids in their first and most important years.

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1 Materials

Isn’t solid wood the best material? This is a question we frequently hear and personally I think the answer is “Not always.”

If Thinking Green is an important decision, we should start talking about Medium Density Fibre (MDF) and Melamine, MDF is a high grade, composite material that performs way better than solid wood in many cases. Made from recycled wood fibers and resin, MDF is machine dried and pressed to produce clean, dense, and stable sheets. Melamine is a very durable thermosetting plastic used in high pressure decorative laminates like Formica, its plastic characteristic make more durable than Solid Wood or even MDF.

aplicaciones infantiles

MDF is way more stable than wood and reacts best to heat and humidity than solid wood.  MDF and HDF (High Density Fibre) are the best choice for modern furniture. These are available in any design and are easy to paint and give them  shapes, forms and edge sides ways to make your project flexible.

Mix of MDF and Melamine in this functional Cabin/Desk/Bookshelf

2 Colors

When you’re designing and decorating its not easy to choose colors, usually you are not sure what goes with what,  latest design tendencies use mixing colors and textures throughout a room or space. Oposite colors are usually a easy and trendy way to fill your project.

White is a color that shows, innocence, cleanliness and match with almost everything. White creates a high contrast with colors like green, pink and blues. White is a color that usually works well in designs associated with safety and minimalism, as well as peace. Going with white and only one strong color is easy and clever choice too.

Panoramic shot of a kids room interior with a stylish sofa.

Kids room designed in green and white.

3 Space / Functionality

If you have a spacious room, its not so difficult, just be sure of not filling it in with many stuff, use the space, take advantage of it

Now, if you don’t have much space, please use the following tips: Think vertically, combine like objects, use the ceiling, don’t cut off light and use retractable beds and desks.

This Retractable desk and retractable guest bed at the bottom, you have 3 drawers too. Want to save space? here its a good one.

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